Geospatial Data Services

Geospatial Data ServicesGeoWORLD Consultancy have several years of experience in handling and processing geospatial data. This is a common requirement. Organisations today are often faced with a lack of data or are not sure how to exploit it fully; whilst others have vast amounts, some of which can be unstructured and messy and difficult to work with. You need a strategy to manage your data and the statistical and visualisation skills to report its meaning.

We can provide a variety of services. The following are some of the services we provide to help our clients solve data related challenges

Geodatabase Creation & Development

Geodatabase Creation & Development

Our consultants have extensive experience of designing and creating geodatabase models, using a number of tools such as UML, ArcGIS Diagrammer. We have wide experience of implementing complex geodatabase models including linear referencing, relationship classes, geometric networks etc. within Oracle, SQL Server databases.

Data Cleansing & Quality Audit

Data Cleansing &
Quality Audit

We can assess the quality of existing geographic and business data and provide reports and statistics to understand whether the data is fit for purpose, identify impact of poor quality data on the business performance, identify potential source of errors and propose data improvement strategy.

We can further apply intelligence driven data cleansing routines to a variety of geographic and business data to allow clients to make better use of existing data sources. These may include:

• Re-projecting all source layers to a single projection

• Checking the spatial data for geometry issues

• Modifying the data to improving the spatial accuracy using up-to-date base mapping data

• Report on incorrect attribute data

Data Analysis & Reporting

Data Analysis &

Our consultants have extensive knowledge of spatial analysis and modelling including interpolation, clustering, network tracing and 3D analysis. We can help visualize your data better by using appropriate thematic mapping techniques such heat maps, isochrones, spider diagrams etc.

We can also create reports from existing datasets using SQL Server Reporting Services or Oracle Reports service.